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dinsdag 31 mei 2011

Has science finally established a paranormal effect?

Paranormal rappings associated with apparent poltergeist activity have been described for many hundreds of years. It is only now that an interesting pattern has been discovered within the fine detail of the paranormal rapping sounds. No explanation can be found for this pattern at present.Whereas raps and knocking sounds produced by ordinary means exhibit a normal acoustic pattern, those recorded in alleged poltergeist cases show quite a different sound signature.

Normal double rap
Normal double rap
Unexplained rap

Unexplained rap

Dr Colvin has analysed recordings of alleged poltergeist knocking obtained from around the world over a 40-year period. The earliest was a recording made by a local physician at Sauchie (Scotland) in 1960 and the most recent was obtained from a poltergeist case at Euston Square, London in 2000.

Whilst the two types of rap sound rather similar, they are actually acoustically different, although the effect is only made apparent when the recordings of raps are submitted to detailed analysis.The question arises as to how such a sound is generated. There is evidence which points to the sound arising from within the structure of a material rather than from the surface of it, as would be the case with a normally-produced rapping sound. This phenomenon will be examined further in future investigations of poltergeist activity.

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donderdag 19 mei 2011

Gorillaz - The Fall

Gorillaz The Fall album cover
British singer and songwriter Damon Albarn has been many things over the years, though “dedicated” is perhaps the best way to describe his hard to predict but always intensely thorough immersion into whatever mode, mood, or aesthetic strikes his current fancy. Whether turning Brit rock traditionalism on its head with Blur or melding the disparate universes of pop, electronic, hip-hop, and world music styles as the real life counterpart to his Jamie Hewlett created cartoon alter ego, Albarn certainly knows how to take an idea and really run with it. Which is why it should come as no surprise that Gorillaz’ new album The Fall—recorded with iPad applications during the group’s American tour this autumn—took an untraditional approach and, appropriately, resulted in fifteen very untraditional tracks. You’ll have to dig very deep through this record to find traces of Plastic Beach’s immense, vastly produced sound—the largely instrumental song cycle certainly feels homemade, but not in a lo-fi or crude sort of way. The Fall is filled with creeping synths, ambient textures, and other pieced together sonic elements that make for one Frankenstein’s monster of a “pop” record.

zaterdag 14 mei 2011

Game overture

Are games music tracks soon to be considered in the same breath as classical tunes?
For the first time ever, a composer has been honored for their work on a game soundtrack at prestigious American awards ceremony the Grammys. Christopher Tin picked up gongs for 'Best Classical Crossover Album' and 'Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists', both of which ware awarded for his hit song Baba Yetu. As top PC gaming blog RockPaperShotgun ( pointed out recently, the world-music-influenced Baba Yetu - which feature the Soweto Gospel Choir - was first unveiled in Civilization IV, accompanying its title sequence. It's brilliant to see original music composed specifically for a game going on to achieve world-class recognition. Mr Tin used his acceptance speech to draw attention to the reason why he originally composed the track, saying: "Hopefully other game composers will follow me up onto this stage sometimes." You can find out more about Christopher Tin and check out his work at

Delving into the archives
YouTube user garudoh has been posting an amazing series entitled 'The Music of Video Games'. With over 500 tracks archived on his channel, we hope the copyright holders will allow him to continue bringing this music to the attention of the public. We've been particularly enjoying the original R-Type soundtrack and the FM strains of the Megadrive's Herzog Zwei! You can find garudoh's Channel at

woensdag 11 mei 2011

I'm going to Jersey Shore ... Bitch!

Jersey Shore is an American reality television series that premiered on MTV on December 9, 2009 in the United States. The series follows the lives of eight house mates spending their summer at the Jersey Shore. Season 2 followed the cast escaping the cold northeast winter to Miami Beach, with Season 3 returning back to the Jersey Shore. MTV has announced that a fourth season will be filmed in Italy to air in late 2011.

The show debuted amid large amounts of controversy regarding the use of the words "Guido/Guidette," portrayals of Italian-American stereotypes, and scrutiny from locals because the cast members were not residents of the area.

Dubbed a cultural phenomenon, the series has garnered record ratings for MTV, making it the network's most viewed series telecast ever.The series' cast has also been credited with introducing unique lexicon and phrases into American popular culture.

zaterdag 7 mei 2011


This is epic. The south park fans will now here already. Wing, the one and only.
Enjoy ;-)
Check here website for more fun:

woensdag 4 mei 2011


The biggest party of Europe takes place on an island in the Danube, right in the centre of Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Every August thousands from all over Europe head to what has become the biggest summer event of the continent. Over 1000 bands and artists perform on 60 stages: pop, rock, metal, hiphop, dance, world music, theatre, performance arts and everything in between.

Why do tens of thousands of people from all over Europe head to the Sziget festival year after year?

The location of the festival
in the heart of one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. You can be in the city centre within 15 minutes! You can leave and enter the festival island as often as you like.

The great weather; during the summer Hungary has the same climate as Spain. Forget about ponchos, bring some suncream instead! The wide variety of good food and beverage for cheap prices (a pint of beer will set you back £1,50, a good meal is only £3).

The international atmosphere of the festival. This is where East-Europeans party shoulder to shoulder with people from West-Europe. Only 25% of the visitors come from Hungary itself!

The ability to place your tent wherever you like, wether it’s next to your favourite stage or at the banks of the Danube river.

The variety of activities. Whether you want to learn belly dancing, do some bungee-jumping, learn Hungarian, take a dip in the swimmingpool, watch a movie, sing karaoke or just play football, it’s all possible at Sziget. There’s so much going on that sometimes it’s hard not to forget there are bands playing too!

The diversity of the bands and DJ’s that are performing and the number of stages. There is always something going on somewhere on the island, and therefore it never gets too crowded at any given time at any given stage.

The fact it’s on an island and the sheer size of the island. There’s so much to see and do you can’t really see every part of the island in just one week.