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vrijdag 15 april 2011

Make Money Fast Online: Poker

Hey guys,
Is being addicted to poker a bad thing? Can you earn the big money with it? I've searched on the internet and I could only find articles that talk about all the possibilities and all the money you can earn in a short time. Is this true? According to this article, not much can go wrong ...

Poker players say they are making fast money by playing online poker. Some online poker players say they make enough money to call it a job. These poker players say the best site to make money online fast is Online poker players prefer this site for a couple different reasons.

One of the main reasons online poker players make an extraordinarily unusual amount of money at this online poker site is because players believe pros stay away from this online poker room. Players say pros stay away because they can not play more than one table simultaneously at Pacific Poker.

Online poker players also rated this one of the best online poker rooms to make money fast online because the fact that the software was not all that great. Winning money players say this keeps good players away as well.

Pacific Poker ( also gives new money players up to $ 100 up front and beginners take this money and almost always lose it to the more experienced players. Many average poker players record winnings of over $ 100 an hour. Pro online players make even larger amounts of fast money.

Pacific Poker has a tournament every day called the $ 30K guaranteed tournament with a buy in of $ 33. This gives players a realistic chance to make around $ 5,000 in about 3 hours of work with low risk and high probability with proper strategy to make fast money.

Players believe there is a specific strategy used for each online poker site. Online Pacific Poker players use a more tight but aggressive approach. Good players know most players that play at Pacific are really bad and will call bluffs. Winning money players use this to their advantage by over betting pots and getting the new players to call off all their money. Good online players know, “You can’t bluff a sucker but you can take down their entire bankroll with a good hand.”

Online poker always sees a large influx of new players during the broadcasting of the World Series of Poker. Many online poker players know this is the time to make money fast online so they may play even more than usual to generate increased revenues.

This press release was written by Online Poker Strategist Roger Shriver. All research for this press release was done by interviewing poker players to find the best poker room to make money fast online.

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  1. Lol I never tried online poker, but I'll never want to because I'll loose all my money >_<

  2. my friend does online poker and wins alot, i wish i was that good! sweet blog, followed!

  3. Easy monies, you say... Hmm hmm hmmmm.

  4. Sadly my poker face even sucks online!

  5. LOL are you aussie? Followed for great patriotism.

  6. my friend tommy plays online poker for a living, he used to play poker in casinos but one time he wooped some guys ass for 5000$ and they jumped him outside the casino...Online poker is safer

  7. I'm so shit at normal poker I feel like I could never handle online poker, hah, good post though!

  8. One of my friends plays poker for living. I guess he's doing alright because he doesn't seem to have any money troubles.

  9. I used to play online and offline poker and make good money out of it. The main problem is knowing your limits. When I started winning, I wanted to go on higher limits and win even more but it's not the way it works. But yeah, once you get the hand of it, it's fun and worth it! I still play and still make decent ammount of money on a regular basis!

  10. I've been thinking about trying my hand at online poker to make some cash, thanks for the information. However, domain seized by the FBI for being an illegal gambling website... Oh well.

  11. had a good review on the online poker guides thats been helping some of these people out. Thats what im trying now and it seems like a good program